I am so lucky today because of my improved health. I was more than a hundred pounds heavier than my ideal weight and my health was so bad that my family wondered if I would not die from a heart attack.  I started on the body balanced program which included correct nutritional diet, supplements and life style modification.  At that point, I would have done anything to help myself feel better. 

I began eating 5 small meals a day which allowed my body to lose this weight. I was so amazed at this! I also kept a journal with the foods I ate and the supplements I needed daily. About 1 year later I lost the weight although I still need to lose more. I stopped eating wheat and sugar and that really changed my body. It was not easy but with help and direction I was able to live better each day.  I do moderate exercise and walk three to four times a week. The supplements give me energy and the whole program has decreased the stress of everyday life.

Thank you for giving me the motivation to create a healthier happy lifestyle.

God Bless You!

- John Andrews


The Body Balanced Program has changed the way I see life and the way I live it each day!  I never thought that I lived and unhealthy lifestyle or did I think I needed improvement but when my brother-in-law recommended hair analysis to help me with joint pains that I was having, I never thought I would see such a change. My joint pains disappeared and my digestive system improved in amazing ways.  I started with the dietary modification and than I started slowly with taking the vitamin supplements which I was shying away from.  But as I started taking the supplements now I feel the best that I ever have in my life.

Thank you so much!

- Sara Schwell


I'm so grateful to have found the Body Balanced - Health Program. I've been on the program for 4 months and it has already made such a difference in the way I feel and think.This program has made all of the difference in my life because as my body has made positive physical changes my state of mind also has been charged with energy. The hair analysis has put me on the right path. I am working on more changes to my diet and lifestyle and I know what lies ahead is gonna be fantastic.

Bless you!

- Rachel Pollack


Before going on the body balanced program I  was having severe joint pains every early evening and into the night every day. I would go for days without sleeping well. After 16 weeks on the program, I have lost 22 pounds of body weight, and the joint pain are just slight and I am able to sleep through the night and get a good night sleep. I am also calmer and have more energy to do anything. I use to over eat due to stress but since on this program that does not happen anymore. No joint pains, sleeping well again and losing much needed weight. I feel great!

Thanks so much !!

- Alison Schneider


I always strived to eat healthy and exercise but something was wrong with the way I felt. I started feeling tired, stressed out, I was having a hard time losing weight and I was also very nervous and anxious. Through a friend, I contacted Vincent Polito, CHP, NC an associate of Dr. Wilson and the body balanced health program. When I called Vincent and explained my problems we went on to do a hair analysis. Through those results my custom dietary program did not allow me to eat any wheat products which I ate a lot of. Along with
other correct foods and dietary supplements for my body this life style has changed my world. Dr. Wilson and Vincent I am so grateful !


- James Rollin


Through the hair analysis the results found that I had excessive copper levels. It is so hard to escape the effects it has on your body and live a normal life. People that have this problem don't really need to suffer only if their doctors just knew where to look. I have been feeling good since the end of May and continue to improve each day. I am very excited about the journey I am on and realize I can get even healthier. I know over the next year or two my body is gonna see a lot of great changes. I will get the word out there for anyone who will

A Big Thank You!

- Sandra Yasterfield


My wife was diagnosed with severe heart problems about 3 years ago. Together we read the kind of condition she had was serious and there would eventually be extreme difficulty in breathing and walking and then worse. She was noticing the effects as she was unable to do her normal activities. By luck we stumbled on the body balanced health program and hair mineral analysis. We have followed the program to the letter. My wife's test results have improved so much that her heart doctor does not need to see her on a regular basis anymore. She is back at work full time, we travel and do all are normal activities again.

We can't thank you enough.

- Jerry Thomas


I have been followed the body balanced health program for about a year.  I would like to report that I am feeling so much better not so pessimistic like I was and I feel just plain happier. Everyone notices the difference also my digestion has made huge improvements as I can eat many more foods than before without problems. My energy level is so much better before I started this program.

Thanks so much!

- Andy Zachermann


My 10-year-old son was diagnosed with mild autism and ADD when he was 5 years old. Me and my husband always noticed he had difficulty sleeping at night. He would have difficulty staying focused in school. My son has been on the body balanced program for about 7 months and he is a changed child. We have cut back his carbs and sugar especially wheat. We increased vegetables and his protein as well as a few supplements. Our son is more focused and calmer and sleeps through the night. Others have noticed his change like his teachers and family members.

 Words don't do it justice but thank you!!

- Amy Bartolla



At age 49 I started noticing menopausal changes that were severe. I would have extreme hot and cold flashes at night and the worst part was the extreme joint pain through out the day. I thought it was normal but my doctor after some tests discovered I had Fibromyalgia. I could barely walk let alone walk up the stairs. My husband who always researched new health approaches stumbled on the body balanced health program. I decided I did not want to take hormone  therapy and would give the program a try. After 3 months of correct diet, supplements and sauna therapy my joint pains were cut down by more than half and each day I feel so much better. I am sleeping well without severe pains or hot flashes. As long as I stay consistent to this program I will only keep getting better.

Thank you so much for your help!

- Joy Pace

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