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                       "No refunds" accepted once the Lab does the Hair Analysis.


Hair Analysis and Report

A complete Hair Analysis Test performed at Analytical Research Labs. Includes a 10 to 15 page diagnostic report delivered in pdf format via email.


Hair Chart and Report includes:


* 11 Nutrient Minerals

* 4 Toxic Minerals (excess & hidden)
* 5 Additional Minerals

* 5 Toxic Metals (excess & hidden)

* 6 Significant Mineral Ratios (including the thyroid, adrenals and energy ratios showing

                                                     hidden indicators)                                  

Report also includes oxidation type and rate as well as recommended mineral supplements,
diet and life style modifications. Allow 2 weeks from the time we receive your hair sample for
a completed report.

" Analytical Research Labs a world leader in Hair Analysis for health since 1974"

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