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              A mineral balancing health program using hair testing for disease prevention.
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                                       The Body Balanced - Health Program

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                                                 What Can Your Program Reveal?



                                       1) Sugar and Carbohydrate Imbalances

                                       2) Glandular Activity (thyroid and adrenals)

                                       3) Toxic Metals (hidden and excess)

                                       4) Metabolic Type and Rate

                                       5) Energy Production

                                       6) Correct Diet for your Metabolic Type 

                                       7) Immune System Response

                                       8) Stage of Internal and External Stress

                                      9) Vitamin and Mineral Supplements that are Essential

                                    10) Digestive Inefficiency




girl eating

            Diet and Your Metabolic Rate


     The type of diet your best suited for is dependent on your metabolic rate!
       Your metabolic rate can be either slow or fast and that has a huge effect on

       what types of foods you should eat and the type of diet you should follow.

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      HAIR TEST & REPORT -  $125


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   Hair Test and Report Includes:

        11 Nutrient Minerals
          4 Toxic Minerals
          5 Toxic Metals
          6 Mineral Ratios (including   
hyroid & adrenals)

     10 pages of a detailed
     report plus significant     
     health indicators and more!

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